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Crowing About Toothache

By Dona Welch / July 15, 2018

Boasting About Tooth ache When you deal with the organic pearly whites in your mouth, there will certainly be actually no tooth ache to crow about. Toothache refers to the ache dued to tooth or even mouth problems like tooth decay, a split tooth, a left open pearly white origin, gum tissue illness, condition of […]


Types of Gum Disease

By Dona Welch / July 14, 2018

Sorts Of Periodontal Condition   Periodontal illness or even also referred to as “periodontal condition” is actually a significant microbial disease that destroys the attachment fibers and the holding bone tissue that stores the teeth in the oral cavity. Gum ailment (the word “periodontal” as a mater from reality indicates “around the pearly white”) if […]


30 Day Weightloss Challenge Lose 20 Pounds

By Dona Welch / May 30, 2018

These Pointers And Ideas Can Assist You Slim Down Slimming down can seem to be as an impossible mountain to climb. It doesn’t matter in case you have 5 pounds which are hanging on for dear life or 150 pounds that looks like it should take a very long time to remove, people need a […]


Natural Remedies To Reverse Receding Gum Line Without Surgery

By Dona Welch / April 8, 2017

You are probably here because you are looking for natural remedies to reverse receding gum line without surgery or you have some form of gum disease. Gum disease is not a condition that any individual wants to live with and believe me I know it is not fun at all. It causes swelling, pain and […]


Toothpaste With Fluoride: Benefits And Harms

By Dona Welch / November 9, 2016

Some sources indicate the need for fluoride for dental health; others argue that this substance can cause serious illness. Sure, your home has toothpaste with fluoride.Mankind is engaged in introduction of fluoride in toothpaste is already a hundred years. To substance for cleaning the teeth acquired protective properties, manufacturers add to its composition, the following […]


Putting On Weight

By Dona Welch / October 28, 2015

In addition, you can mix in an extra cardio element to your circuit by incorporating quarter-mile sprints on the treadmill or jumping rope for 90 second intervals. Sometimes I’ll mix one or the other into my routine, but usually I’ll superset the quarter mile sprints with 90 second intervals of skipping rope to cap off […]


Do We Really Need Another Diet Book?

By Dona Welch / October 8, 2015

She was enjoying some sunshine and a cigarette during her break. We made small talk for a minute—the kids, spouses, blah blah blah—before settling on a topic I was deeply passionate about: milk. I’m sure I brought it up, having the tendency to squeeze the moo juice into the tiniest of conversational openings. I was […]


This is not a No-Bake Mint Chocolate Protein Bar

By Dona Welch / September 17, 2015

But even if I had the time to hit the gym five or six days a week for two hours at a clip, it wouldn’t be smart to do so. At thirty-five, I need more time to recover, and experts suggest keeping your workout to an hour or less; anything more and you’re likely to […]


Healthy Little Pizza Muffin

By Dona Welch / August 4, 2015

The consumption of dairy contributes to the inhumane treatment of animals. Dairy cows typically spend their lives in cramped sheds and feces caked lots, where disease runs amuck. Dairy cows usually live just a quarter of the average cow’s lifespan, their bodies so used up and ravaged from hard living that when they go to […]


And The Answer Is…

By Dona Welch / August 2, 2015

That night, as I sat at the kitchen table staring at my half-empty glass of milk, I thought, this is screwed up. These hipster yuppies are trying to drive a wedge between us! I drained the rest of my glass, unable to imagine a life without milk. Pizza, Pad Thai, Kung Pao—I couldn’t think of […]

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