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Lumbar Facet Syndrome Symptoms And Treatment In Denver

Each vertebrae of the spine is connected to the vertebrae above and below by two sets of facet joints. Continue reading more discussion about Care Chiropractor Denver Colorado For Facet Syndrome Treatment. The joints provide stability for rotation of the spine while still providing the flexibility to bend forward or side to side.​

Each of these small joints is surrounded by a capsule, no different than the capsule in your shoulder or hip. Injury or repetitive stress to the capsule will cause inflammation and pain in the facet.​

This can be caused by trauma, posture, or abnormal curves in the lumbar spine.

A common symptom of lumbar facet syndrome is pain when leaning back, or extending the spine.​

If left untreated, this constant irritation can lead to chronic pain and lower back arthritis.​

If you have back pain or suspect you have facet syndrome, it is important to be evaluated by a professional immediately.

Our expert doctors will perform a full evaluation to find the source of your pain and refer you for any further studies if needed.​

The good news is Denver Chiropractic center can help! We have successfully treated patients with Facet Syndrome through gentle therapeutic procedures.​

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​How Physical Therapy and Chiropractic can help?

Proper evaluation is key to finding the underlying cause of your back pain. A few of the clinical signs that often accompany back pain are inflammation, muscle/tendon tightness and tenderness, decreased joint mobility, decreased ligament stability and decreased strength.​

Once the muscles, tendons and ligaments involved are identified, the initial phase of care will focus on controlling inflammation which will naturally result in decreased pain levels. Cryotherapy, such as heat and ice, or more advanced techniques utilizing a state of the art therapeutic laser, may be used.​

The next phase of care involves working to restore proper function to the muscles and joint. This can be done through gentle manual therapy techniques including massage, myofascial release, post isometric relaxation, stretching, and specific joint mobilization procedures which can be done manually or with the Arthrostim joint mobilizing tool.​

Once the pain is sufficiently under control we can begin the final and most important phase of strengthening the involved muscles to once again provide joint stability and prevent re-injury in the future. This is done through specific rehabilitative exercises that are adjusted and modified based on your condition and tolerance.​

If left untreated, these conditions can lead to chronic pain and even degeneration of the back. Early intervention and treatment will allow you to get out of pain faster and lead to better outcomes for your back in the future.​

If you have, or know someone who has back pain related to lumbar facet syndrome, don’t hesitate to call our office Chiropractor Denver Colorado to schedule an evaluation today!​

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