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Putting On Weight

By Dona Welch / October 28, 2015

In addition, you can mix in an extra cardio element to your circuit by incorporating quarter-mile sprints on the treadmill or jumping rope for 90 second intervals. Sometimes I’ll mix one or the other into my routine, but usually I’ll superset the quarter mile sprints with 90 second intervals of skipping rope to cap off […]


This is not a No-Bake Mint Chocolate Protein Bar

By Dona Welch / September 17, 2015

But even if I had the time to hit the gym five or six days a week for two hours at a clip, it wouldn’t be smart to do so. At thirty-five, I need more time to recover, and experts suggest keeping your workout to an hour or less; anything more and you’re likely to […]


And The Answer Is…

By Dona Welch / August 2, 2015

That night, as I sat at the kitchen table staring at my half-empty glass of milk, I thought, this is screwed up. These hipster yuppies are trying to drive a wedge between us! I drained the rest of my glass, unable to imagine a life without milk. Pizza, Pad Thai, Kung Pao—I couldn’t think of […]


Protein Bars for Dummies

By Dona Welch / June 28, 2015

I researched this a little further and learned that in the U.S. our tolerance for lactose is much greater. Somewhere in the neighborhood of 15-30% of our citizens suffer ill side effects from lactose, whereas in Asia the percentage swells to 90%. And why is our number so much lower here in the states you […]


Getting Inverted: The Handstand Pushup

By Dona Welch / March 4, 2015

Truth be told, much of that time in the gym was spent flapping my gums—taking the requisite five or six minutes to bullshit with friends. So my routines were always part workout, part social gathering. After I’d finish lifting and jabbering, I’d go stuff my face to “bulk up” and, since I had a surplus […]


Tropical Quinoa Salad

By Dona Welch / January 12, 2015

You can probably find Organic Valley or Stonyfield brands in your supermarket. In general, organic regulations stipulate that livestock must be allowed to graze, must be fed an organically certified fodder or compound feed, not be treated with most drugs, and must be treated humanely. Yeah, you’re going to spend a bit more on milk, […]