Cubic Zirconia Bracelets

By Dona Welch / February 8, 2020

Cubic Zirconia Bracelets

Bracelets have been around almost as long as some other pieces of jewelry. They were worn in Ancient Egypt as a major piece of jewelry. In fact the early Egyptians probably wore the first charm bracelets. The men would carry around certain items known at that time to ward off their enemies or evil spirits. Because they carried them around, at some time the charms were combined with jewelry pieces, which were worn around the neck or the wrist. This jewelry service a dual purpose, not only did they ward off their enemies and evil spirits, but they also were worn to signify to the Gods of this persons position in the after life.

The bands of leather worn on the forearm’s of men and soldiers were known as “Bracels”. Although the bracels were adorn with gold and silver, and some times gemstones, they function was of a protective gear. When women decided the smaller bracels were attractive for them to wear, the bracels were renamed to bracelets.

Bracelets have been seen through out the years worn by men and women, and made out of various types of materials such as iron, leather, copper, beads, teeth, bones and then of precious metals such as gold and silver. Bracelets also have been known to worn on the upper portion of a women’s arm to enhance a sleeveless outfit.

Today bracelets are still made from the precious metals, gold, silver and platinum. Titanium is beginning to become more popular because of its lightweight, durability and the hypoallergenic benefits. You can find bracelets adorned with a variety of gemstones, real or synthetic. The diamond tennis bracelets have been very popular since introduced into the market. You can now get these same tennis bracelets with cubic zirconia to replace the diamonds at much lower cost than the original.

Cubic zirconia, synthetic gemstones, diamonds and real gemstones can be found in the various creations of bracelets on the market today. Along with the common precious metals, gold, silver and platinum are used in the designing of bracelets, however there are still some old stand-byes. Modern acrylics and plastics are used to make the trendy bracelets. Copper is still used in the making of bracelets because of the noted effect it seems to have in alleviating the discomforts of arthritis.

Anklets have been around for almost as long as bracelets have been around. You will find them created from the same precious metals as the bracelets. The gemstones used are sometimes a smaller version than typically found adorning bracelets. However the effect is still the same.

Cubic zirconia being the best buy for your money, are very popular in the making of fashion bracelets. The fact they come in a variety of colors also helps make them more popular in jewelry fashion design. Cubic zirconia can be found incorporated with all of the known precious metal from gold to titanium. They are used mostly in the bracelets with a chain as the base You can be sure that no matter the situation, you will be able to find a bracelet befitting your taste within the price range of your budget.