By / September 23, 2019


Gerbils are a type of rodent and they are more often found in the wild than as pets. Yet it is the domesticated gerbil that most people think of when their name pops into a conversation. A gerbil can make a wonderful pet for a child because it will teach them about being responsible. You also don’t need very much room to care for one and the basic supplies are very affordable.

Gerbils are found all over the world though and there are more than 100 species of them. They vary in size depending on where they live and the types of food that they eat. Almost all of the species of gerbils are plant eaters though and they are able to adapt to just about any type of environmental surroundings.

The idea of gerbils being used as pets happened quite by accident. In the early 1950’s they were used for an array of scientific experiments. This was when the nature of various species were observed. It was determined they would do very well in captivity. Of course if you choose to get a pet gerbil you need to get one from a pet store or a breeder. You don’t want to just get one from the wild and then attempt to make a pet out of it.

The use of gerbils for experimentation isn’t as widespread as it once was. This is due to the complaints by various types of animal rights groups. Many consumers have also decided to ban products that are made from manufactures that test their products on such animals. This has really hit the makers in the pocketbook and they have had to take these wishes into consideration.

The behaviors of gerbils will depend on their environment. They tend to move around a great deal so you need to make sure the cage you have for them is large enough to accommodate that. They are also famous for chewing and you need to give them something to gnaw on. Otherwise their teeth will grow too long and become too sharp. Gerbils have very good ears but they are sensitive so try to keep the noise level down around them too. Pay attention to the volume on the stereo so you won’t affect them from the sound and the vibration.