Getting Geared Up For The Gridiron

By Dona Welch / November 16, 2019

Getting Geared Up For The Gridiron

If you’re planning to start your own fantasy football team you will need to make sure your team is properly outfitted. Official football equipment not only helps your team to look more professional but is also important to ensure your players’ safety. Read on for more tips to help you understand what equipment you will need and why it is important.

First, it is extremely important to protect the head and neck from any possible injury. In order to do this each player will need a helmet and not just any helmet will do. You need to make sure each player has a helmet that fits securely. The helmet will also need to be outfitted with a mouth guard to protect the mouth and teeth from possible injuries that could result from impact. It is also important to ensure the helmet is outfitted with a face mask and chin strap. Avoid the temptation to buy helmets en masse and take the time to properly measure your players to ensure each one has a helmet that fits them securely. While mouth guards cannot be fitted individually before purchase, they should be soaked in warm water and then moulded to each individual player’s mouth. This will provide a protection that is specific to each player and which will provide better protection. Don’t forget you will also need a neck roll to protect the neck from injury. This piece of form is worm at the back of the neckline and will prevent the player’s head from being pushed too far back and possibly snapped.

To protect the body, your team will need shoulder pads, thigh pads, hip pads and knee pads. These pieces of equipment will help to absorb the shock of any impact the players experience and prevent injury by distributing shock.

Of course, no team would be complete without a uniform; however, it is important to note that uniform pants and jerseys are not just for looks alone. While it is wonderful to have a team that looks sharp in their uniform the style and fabric of the uniforms play an important role in protecting the players from injury as well as weather related problems. Always make sure your players have uniforms that fit securely and snugly to ensure all protective equipment remains in place where it should.

The hands and feet are also especially prone to injury when playing football so you want to take care and provide equipment and gear to protect your players. Linemen and receivers will need gloves that will protect their fingers and hands from getting caught up in other player’s equipment as well as to protect them from possible trampling during the game.

Shoes are also extremely important. There are a number of different types of cleats on the market, available in various sizes for different types of grass fields. For example, ¾ inch are often better for fields that are soft while ½ inch cleats perform better on dry fields. Make sure you take all of this into consideration when selecting shoes.