Jaw Pain And Pregnant-Tips To Help With This Challenge

By Dona Welch / February 23, 2020

Jaw Pain And Pregnant-Tips To Help With This Challenge

When you are pregnant you have to be very careful about everything you put into your body. Knowing that everything you put in to your body could potentially affect the health and well being of your baby. If you have
jaw pain and pregnant it can be a challenge to find the relief you need without worrying about hurting the baby.

The fist thing you must do before you take any type of pain reliever is to talk to your doctor. They will let you know what, if any, types of pain relievers are safe to take while pregnant. And don’t just ask your sister or mother either. All pregnancies are different as are the mothers so it’s best to ask the person who knows your particular needs the best: your doctor.

Other, non medicine, type of pain relievers you might want to consider to alleviate jaw pain and pregnant, are these:

1. Using a hot or cold compress on your cheek can offer relief for a lot of people. This relief may only be temporary but it is better than nothing.

2. Sometimes we clench our teeth in our sleep which is often an indication of too much stress. Pregnancy can be a stressful time both emotionally and physically. It’s not easy to relax when you are pregnant no matter how many pregnancies you may have had. If it is your first time there is a lot of fear of the unknown and if you already have one or more children you have to care for them all while trying to stay healthy and get enough rest. I know relaxing is challenging but do the best you can to get some rest.

3. Sometimes people have found that chewing gum can keep their jaw muscles loose which can keep jaw pain at bay. Be warned though, there are also people who have found that chewing gum just makes their jaw pain worse. You will just have to try it for yourself to see which category you fall into.

4. Your doctor or dentist (or maybe even your chiropractor) can help you by giving you some simple exercises you can do on a daily basis to keep the muscles of your jaw loose. If you are getting a lot of jaw pain you don’t want the muscles in your jaw and face to stiffen up, that will only make things worse.

5. If all else fails try to find some all natural pain remedies. Don’t think that because they are all natural you don’t have to ask your doctor if it’s ok, you still do. Even all natural things can have side effects and can interact with any other medications you may be taking. Always ask you doctor if it is ok to take anything before you actually start taking it.

Pregnancy is a wondrous time, but it is also a very scary and possibly painful time. Trying to get relief from pain while pregnant can be a challenge. Just talk to your doctor and if she says it’s ok, try one or more of these jaw pain and pregnant pain relief tips above.