Oral Collagen Supplements

By Dona Welch / December 30, 2019

Oral Collagen Supplements

Summary: The best way to replenish your collagen supply is to take collagen supplements.

Collagen is the strong fibers that interlace throughout our body for strength and support to exactly hold our together like glue can. It also is the most abundant protein in our body.

As we age, the ability for our body to produce collagen slows down. Eventually, a collagen deficiency manifests in our skin, joints, and other parts of the body; weakening the connective tissues which hold s together. Due to the lack of collagen, wrinkles, weak hair, nails and skin, and joint pains will come up. Starting at the age of 25, collagen production in our body reduces for about 1.5 % a year.

To replenish the insufficient amount of collagen that our body produces, resulting to the drying up of our skin, lotions and creams are used. For fine lines and wrinkles, collagen injections, too, became popular. But because these repairs only provide temporary results, people are becoming extra careful and aware of the real score. Prevention is definitely better than cure. This is now where collagen supplements step in.

Oral collagen supplements provide essential components needed to the maintenance of connective tissues. There are two common collagen supplements that are widely used, and these are the combination of collagen Type I and collagen Type oral supplements, and a collagen Type II supplement. These are the richest types of collagen in our body. Collagen Type I and collagen Type III, are the ones found in our hair, skin, nails, tendons, ligaments, muscles, bones, eyes, teeth, and blood vessels. Collagen Type II is the major component of joint cartilage, though, their presence is beneficial in joint tissues. Collagen Type II provides amino acids, hyaluronic acid, chondroitin, and glucosamine for maximum joint cartilage support.

There are many collagen supplements available in the market today and all of them claimed to provide and replenish the slowly reduction of collagen supply in our body. If there is enough collagen in our body, it would mean healthier skin, nails, hair, stronger joints, and other parts of our body. The best way to replenish collagen in our body to slow down the aging process and to strengthen our joints is to take oral supplements. Lotions and creams can’t reach the area where collagen is needed the most, while in oral supplementation, it works from the insides.

Below is a list of some of the brands of collagen supplements which available. They all provide replenishment to the reducing production of collagen of our body. Different brand names but with the same benefits, collagen supplements keep our skin healthy, and joints strong. Nourish from within and the result is amazing!

Different Collagen supplements brands:
Pure- Col
Collagen Plus
Pure Logical Collagen Capsule
Genacol Bio-Active Collagen Complex supplement