Type Of Pottery Ware

By Dona Welch / November 17, 2019

Type Of Pottery Ware

There are many types of pottery ware available, but how do we know that which type is suitable to be used for specific purpose. By knowing their characteristics and nature will help you to decide which type that you will use effectively.


Generally, ceramics is the pottery ware which are coated on the surface. The example of ceramic ware that we familiar with are plates, bowl use on the dining table, sanitary ware, roofing/wall tiles, mosaic, pitchers, vase etc. The raw materials that use for making ceramics are some type of soil, rocks, stones etc. The ceramics production process, start from preparing raw material, then mixing all of component, then build up the design. There are several types of build up process, which are build up by hand, build up by using spinning round board, build up by Jigger machine, build up by using mold or build up by squeezing machine. The next step after build up the pottery shapes is drying and biscuitfiring, then coating or glostfiring. The last process of making ceramics is decoration and painting. Decoration and painting includes, drawing directly onto the surface or use sticker paper. This process, however, can be done before or after coating process.


The common characteristics of earthenware is it has brown or red colour, because the raw material that used to produce earthenware has mixture of iron substance. This type of raw materials is generally used for sculpture and images due to its attribute that not easily retract and riddled, so this materials will not easily crack or broken. The earthenware soil that has white colour in nature is rare, so we normally add extra substance to whiten the soil, and also increase the iron substance, which has red or brown colour. Generally the substance has the heat resistance at 1,050 degree Celsius. The charming of earthenware is its colour. Some potters don’t like to make pottery arts on the pottery ware that has white colour such as Porcelain, as a result, they tend to use earthenware to make pottery ware instead. Apart from its advantage about having attractive colour, using earthenware also save their time and cost to biscuitfiring as well. Earthenware also known as the common type of ceramics, however, the formulations and component of earthenware is vary, depending on region that they come from.


Porcelain is a kind of ceramics that requires heat in highest temperature among other kind of ceramics to produce. Generally, porcelain requires temperatures between about 1200 and 1400 degrees Celsius. We can differentiate porcelain from other pottery by toughness, strength and smoothness of the surface as well as consistency of colour of the pottery’s texture. Some type of pottery that made from porcelain looks very much alike glass, this type of porcelain pottery use heat from cone 8 to cone 12. According to its characteristics described above, porcelain is one of the pottery ware that popular for produce commercial products. The common product of porcelain that we are familiar with are kitchen ware (due to its high resistance to heat and electricity), medical equipments such as false teeth, caps etc.